Sunday, March 5, 2017

This is "Sowers4Pastors Jeopardy!"

If this blog post were a Jeopardy category, a bespectacled contestant would be saying, “Things that are random, for $1000, Alex!” Yes, sometimes life is random. And sometimes the Sowers lives are incredibly random, but hang on because I’m pretty sure we can piece things together to form a (sort of) cohesive post. So, put on your spectacles and get ready to play a game of Sowers4Pastors Jeopardy!

What is, “Building a Bridge and Having a Fender Bender,” Alex?

A team from Christ Church of Orlando participated in a Bridge in a Week project, last week. That meant a flurry of activity, while Russell dealt with local government officials to get the supplies and materials they had been promised.

While the team was there, a fender bender took out a door on one of the Sowers’ pickup trucks.

What is, “A Really Long Bus Trip,” Alex?

Foundation for Missions hosts an annual retreat in Antigua, Guatemala. In the past, the Sowers family would pack their bags and head off for some well deserved refreshment. This year, however, Allen is in the U.S., Rachel isn’t up for travel (having just completed the first trimester of her pregnancy), and Russell would have to go off and leave Iris, R.J., and Abigail because the little ones wouldn’t be able to make the trip. For those reasons, Trish is the lone Sowers representative at this year’s retreat, which takes place this weekend. The trip entails about twelve hours of bus travel each way. Let’s hope Trish has a good book to take with her.

What is, “Allen is in North America,” Alex?

Allen is back in North America for a bit. I don’t want to give away the plotline of a future blogpost, but I will say he’s not here for sightseeing.

What is, “Pastors’ Training School,” Alex?

Russell is spending this week preparing for Pastors’ Training School. It’s an even bigger job than previous years because there will be two classes of 2nd year students and one class of 1st year students. Instead of a three day activity, Pastors’ Training School will be running five days a week!

What is “A New to Them Refrigerator,” Alex?

In previous years, a missionary in Gracias was able to store the food needed for Pastors’ Training School in his personal refrigerator. Since the school is expanding, they now require more fridge space to continue to be able to buy supplies in bulk. That’s why Russell is temporarily in the refrigerator moving business--transporting a refrigerator from the Sowers’ property about twenty minutes into town.

What is, “Preparing for an Audit,” Alex?

The Sowers’ parent missions organization is being audited for 2014 and Russell and Trish received three days notice to get all of their 2014 ministry financial information sent over. It was a flurry of getting receipts organized, scanned, and emailed.

What is, “Russell is Guest of Honor,” Alex?

There is an upcoming dedication ceremony for a denomination Sowers4Pastors has been assisting. The head of the denomination is traveling from the U.S. to Honduras, for the occasion, and has asked Russell to be a guest of honor at the ceremony.

What is, “Feel Better, R.J.,” Alex?

Young R.J. has had a stomach bug for a week and a half now. Please pray for R.J.’s recovery and for sweet baby Abigail to remain healthy.

That completes this episode of Sowers4Pastors Jeopardy! Thanks for playing!

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