Friday, March 31, 2017

You Snooze, Everyone Loses!

Are you the sort of person who wants to put off indefinitely that which you should do today? Maybe you prefer to live in the moment and fly by the seat of your pants. Consider this a call to action and a gentle kick in the pants. If you want to pack backpacks for Sowers4Pastors or if you want to Allen and Trish pay a visit to your church on their next U.S. trip - and especially if you want to pack backpacks AND have Allen and Trish come to pick them up personally - the time to act is NOW!

Well, okay, you actually have a couple of weeks to take action, but there’s not a lot of wiggle room for procrastination. Allen and Trish are already planning the itinerary for their next trip. They know they will be visiting Florida, Maryland, and Ohio, and Trish is planning a side trip to Tennessee. They are more than willing to extend their road trip to include Kansas and points along the way, but they need to hear from enough interested churches to make such a drive fiscally responsible.

A lot of people have expressed interest in having a churchwide backpack campaign and/or having the Sowers visit, but haven’t taken the necessary steps. It’s easy! Simply contact Sowers4Pastors to get the ball rolling.

If you want to pack backpacks, you’ll need backpacks to pack! Allen will send you all of the backpacks you can handle, but he needs to do it soon. If you want to see Allen and Trish’s smiling faces at your church, they need to hear from you now. So, go ahead and contact them. It will feel great to mark something off your to-do list.  

If you have missed the "whys" and "how" of participating in our backpack drive - below are some links to previous posts which will fill you in. To contact Sowers4Pastors, use this email: trish @, or use the Sowers4Pastors Facebook page (or Trish's personal FB) to send a message. Why are we giving away backpacks full of school supplies?
What is involved in donating backpacks full of school supplies?
How will the filled backpacks get from you, to Sowers4Pastors, to the children in Honduras?

NOW is the time - are you in?

- posted by Christi


Anonymous said...

We would like to fill 50 backpacks again. Paper Mill Road Baptist Church in Marietta, Ga. Contact Laura Williams. Kim Hall knows how to contact me.

Trish said...

GREAT to have your help with this project again this year! Thanks so much!

We'll contact you, to get the empty backpacks to you, through Kim.