Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Mundane and the Momentous

What exotic, missionary type things are happening with our friends, the Sowers? Paperwork. Budgets. Fundraising. Paperwork. When Allen told me he and Trish were working on necessary paperwork throughout the week, he said it in exactly the same tone I would use if I said I was going to spend the week pulling weeds (I’m allergic) or cleaning out my garage (it would be easier to just move). In short, Allen didn’t sound thrilled. But necessary is necessary, so the more exotic stuff is on hold for a week. You might say this week they are focusing on the mundane side of missions.

Family Time

Russell is going to be taking a few, well-deserved days to spend with Iris and the kids. Between coffee farming, Pastors’ Training School, dealing with the contents of the recent container shipment, and working with visiting teams, Russell has more than earned a few days. Plus, this is Holy week, which Honduras commemorates in a big way.

Ben is home for the week, due to school closure for Holy Week. Trish will be taking him back to school on Sunday. In the meantime, he’s enjoying getting to be “Unca Ben” to R.J. and Abigail.

A Glimpse Back

For the last three weeks, Russell has been concentrating on making the Gifts for Gracias packages. Iris has been sorting, the crew worked together to pack the gifts, and gifts have now been distributed to about 300 pastors. Each pastor received a medium to large box--depending upon the size of his family. Boxes contained clothing, toiletries, household items, a soccer ball, a baseball cap, and school supplies. Each pastor and all of his school age children also received a backpack. Depending upon the size of the family, one box could have easily been valued at $300. Allen wanted me to be sure and extend a big, “Thank you!” to everyone who donated supplies. The Sowers are trying to to determine which items in the extras should be given away now, and which stored for use next year. What a great dilemma to have!

Truck loaded with gifts, ready for
delivery to pastors in the mountains

Pastor Tim and his team visited last week. Besides helping with Pastors’ Training School, they visited Fredericktowne Baptist Church’s sister church and delivered gifts from the sponsors at FBC. They also passed out shoes to the children.

A Look Ahead

For the next two weeks, Allen and Russell will be going out to work on a vehicle bridge project. The first step will be pouring the concrete for the foundation and then for towers, which will flank each side of the bank.

This is an example of the type of bridge being constructed
in the current project.

On April 29th, Dr. Annette Merlino will be arriving. She is leading a team out of the University of Pittsburgh Dental School. Of course, the team will be providing dental exams and dental work during their time in Honduras. Russell will be hosting the team, as well as spending time at the next session of Pastors’ Training School.

I’m sure Allen agrees that all of the cool missionary-type stuff makes up for that necessary paperwork!

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