Friday, May 5, 2017

The Many Seasons of Western Honduras

To everything there is a season, and this is Church Construction season in Western Honduras! As Allen explained it, this is the time of year when Sowers4Pastors receives a flood of about twenty-five requests from pastors seeking help in building a new church. In Honduras, these are referred to these requests as “solicitudes."

Why is this Church Construction season? Thank you for asking! One reason is that Coffee Harvest season recently ended. That means many people have a little extra cash right about now. Extra Cash season also happens to coincide with the dry season needed to build an adobe church and not have it turn into mush. (Allen might have worded that a little differently, but I’m almost positive that when he said, “begin to erode,” he really meant, “turn into mush”.)

Sowers4Pastors doesn’t provide the materials for the entire construction, but are in the roofing business. When dealing with exterior walls with the tendency to erode or become mush when wet, people get in a whale of hurry to put a roof on said walls.

Of the twenty-five “solicitudes” for new roofs, Sowers4Pastors approve about twelve per year. As always, they analyze each situation to ensure that this is the best use of available funds. The Sowers ask questions like:

  • Does this church body own the land on which they are seeking to build?
  • Have they outgrown other local meeting places or might they continue worshiping in another venue for a while longer?
  • Is this a healthy, vibrant church, which is seeking to grow the Kingdom?

Unfortunately, even when they have asked the tough questions, Sowers4Pastors is limited by their funding. If the work of building churches interests you and you wish to get involved, consider making a donation to the cause. If you ask me, it’s beginning to look like, “Support Growing Churches in Western Honduras” season around here!

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If you'd like to help, donations for church construction can be donated by specifying "Sowers Ministries - church construction," when using the instructions found at the "To Donate" button at this top of this page. For more information on how Sowers4Pastors helps with church construction, click this link.
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