Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Two Perspectives on the Same Trip

It’s always fun to get two perspectives on the same events. Kim Hall was able to give me her unique take on her family’s three week adventure in Honduras and Russell was able to tell me how this affects the Sowers’ daily schedules.

Kim shared about having teams join them to give medical checkups, update information for children enrolled in the sponsorship program, and hand out shoes. Russell shared that this venture requires eleven team members, two Sowers, and numerous translators, photographers, and drivers. The first week with the team required five translators. When six additional people arrived from the States on Saturday, the number of required translators increased to ten. General workers from the Sowers’ crew are also needed to move stuff, fill out necessary forms, etc…

The Halls arrived with letters from sponsors and solar lamps to be handed out as gifts to the children in the Manna 4 Lempira program. Kim spoke about how they have a better idea of what gifts will be appreciated. Umbrellas are appreciated because they are used for both rain and sun. Hammocks are great gifts because people will sleep in them if there’s no room in their house. The group is also handing out shoes brought down by the Edgewater Alliance team.   

They are updating sponsorship forms with new pictures and preferences. As Russell said, “Maybe they've decided they want to be something else when they grow up. Maybe their favorite color has changed.”

Russell said the group is trying to visit around 100 kids out of the 1000 or so in the sponsorship program. As Kim noted, they will be taking many kids to swim at the hot water springs. That means taking about thirty different kids on each of three different days. The team will spend alternate days between house visits and swimming trips.

Several members of the teams sponsor large numbers of children. They are excited to spend time visiting “their” children. This trip is largely about building relationships with the children and demonstrating God’s love for them. That’s exciting stuff no matter whose point of view it’s from!

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