Wednesday, January 10, 2018

A Third World To-do List

As far as To-Do lists go, Trish’s is just like most people’s, with the notable addition of some 3rd world issues. It is rare, after all, for us First Worlders to have something as exotic as evacuating a possum from our house. But other stuff is pretty mundane. Just like any mom, Trish needs to schedule occasional medical appointments for a family member. Of course, even her mundane tasks tend to have a 3rd world spin.
For the past year, Ben has been experiencing problems with his right knee. He thought it was due to a bad fall on concrete. While he was having some pain, it did not interfere with his regular activities, so he dealt with it. For a year. When a funny lump formed on the side of the knee, Trish and Allen said, “Enough is enough,” and made the decision to seek medical advice. Since that’s not as simple as finding a specialist on Yelp, Trish headed to a Facebook group for Americans living in Honduras and said she was looking for a good orthopedist. She received a response that a medical team from North America is currently in her neck of the woods for a month. The doctors are there on a rotating basis, but an orthopedic surgeon is there now!
Trish was able to schedule an appointment to have Ben seen. The orthopedist did the stuff orthopedists do (which I imagine involved some poking and prodding, in addition to X-rays). He diagnosed the lump as a benign tumor, having nothing to do with last year’s fall. It seems this type of benign tumor is something that can grow while a child is growing. If you’ve been paying attention to pictures, Ben has definitely been growing!
While it isn’t a major medical concern, it is best to have it removed. In Ben’s case, it has been catching a tendon or ligament (or whatever else makes a knee do the stuff knees are supposed to do) and causing the aforementioned pain. So, it’s time to wave bye-bye to Ben’s benign tumor! Surgery is expected to be today, but that is subject to change. Remember, there’s still third world stuff at play.
The prognosis is good. Ben should be on crutches for a couple of days and take it easy for a couple of weeks. He should be able to resume full activity in a month or two. The timing is also good because Ben is out of school right now.
Naturally, everyone is grateful this was not something more serious. This is something that can affect other body parts. As far as anyone knows, however, Ben doesn’t have any other weird lumps. Everyone is also grateful for a skilled surgeon who speaks English!
In other news…
It is Trish’s understanding that this morning’s earthquake did not cause any major damage. The earthquake was far offshore and that side of Honduras is sparsely inhabited swampland. The primary concern was of tsunamis, particularly since it is low lying land. Now, Trish is no seismologist (nor does she play one on TV), but to the best of her knowledge, the tsunami danger appears to have passed.
And, if you’ve been following the political climate in Honduras, the demonstrations seem to have petered out. The protesters appear to have lost their desire to cause a stir. What few protests there been recently have been small and peaceful. The Presidential inauguration is scheduled for January 27.

- posted by Christi

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3kidmama said...

Praying for Ben's surgery today and for a complete, complication free recovery! Amazing how God provides just what we need, isn't it?

Christi, I'm not often able to comment, but know that I an a keen reader of your blog posts as I pray for the Sowers. Thank you for writing such informational and fun reports for them! Every missionary family (and prayer warrior) needs a "Christi" in their lives. :)

Have a wonderful week, Everyone!
Lois (caregiver to Trish's beautiful harp)