Monday, March 12, 2018

Spring Break Without the Break

WHAT are they doing now?

What do you do when you’ve just finished handing out 2200 backpacks and pairs of shoes to kids who are either in a sponsorship program or about to enter the program? Most people might pat themselves on the back and take a well earned break. But, of course, that’s not Allen’s style. Nope. If you’re Allen, you begin making plans to start all over again--only in a bigger way, if at all possible. That’s why Allen and Trish already have airline tickets to fly to the U.S. in April. It’s sort of a spring break without the break part. Instead of visiting beaches, they’ll be visiting churches that have expressed an interest in learning more about the sponsorship and sister church programs, and the backpack project.

Allen and Trish are scheduled to fly into Washington D.C. on April 5th. They will fly to Washington state on the 10th, where they will meet with more churches and speak at some home gatherings. On April 25th, they will be flying to Mississippi for additional meetings. On May 7th, they will fly back to the D.C. area, and will depart for Honduras from there on May 13th.

If you know of any church that might be interested in learning more about Sowers4Pastors and Manna 4 Lempira, please speak up! Allen and Trish are more than willing to fly somewhere else. (At this point in our conversation, Allen mentioned a stream of possible towns and cities throughout the U.S. and Canada. I take that to mean, they’re willing to go wherever there’s an interested church.)

The reason behind this ministry spring fling isn’t that Allen and Trish are crazy about those little bags of pretzels you get on airplanes! It’s because they know how much a backpack filled with school supplies can change a life.

If only they could go to school . . . 

During one day of distributing backpacks to 150 kids at feeding centers, Allen and Russell had twenty different people tell him the only reason their kids would attend school was because they were receiving school supplies and shoes! Eight children approached Allen to say something like, “My parents said I can go to school if I get a backpack.” That was just one day! And those were just the people who spoke up. Who knows how many more families could say the same thing?

As we’ve mentioned before, $1000 is a pretty average annual household income in Honduras. Parents with multiple children often have to choose which of their children get to attend school. Sometimes it means the younger kids can’t start school because an older sibling is attending. Sometimes it means an older sibling has to drop out so a younger child can start school. These backpacks make it possible for multiple children in a family to receive an education!

The children often express how excited they are about starting school with all of the supplies the teacher says they’re supposed to have. They have multiple notebooks, pencils, colored pencils, scissors, glue sticks, etc… To them, that is a luxury that isn’t taken for granted.

And that is why Allen and Trish are willing to fly all over creation to get the word out to churches. The little bags of pretzels are just a bonus!

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