Friday, June 22, 2018

When Disaster Strikes

In our 24-hr news cycle world, it can be difficult to remember something that happened just a few weeks ago. The Fuego volcanic eruption that affected thousands of people in Guatemala probably isn’t at the forefront of your mind. So, let’s refresh our memories.

On June 3, an active volcano in southern Guatemala had its worst eruption in decades. People weren’t surprised by an eruption; they were surprised by the enormity of the eruption. Over the years, people become complacent about living near an active volcano and move closer and closer to it. When the mammoth eruption happened, it destroyed villages, rather than just empty countryside. More than one hundred people are known dead, with two hundred plus still missing and assumed dead. It is not yet safe to search the area. Almost 2800 people remain in shelters, after losing their homes. That means there are many more people who lost their homes, but are staying with family members, etc…

Whenever disaster strikes in Central America, people ask Trish how they can help. Trish’s advice is always the same: “Find someone who is already working on the  ground in that area. That’s the person you can trust to get the resources to the people who need them.”

Sowers4Pastors is far enough away that, aside from some air quality advisories, they were unaffected. There were some flights which were cancelled, due to ash in the air, but the Sowers family is not close to the volcano. However, one of their local churches, in Gracias, is taking relief supplies collected by their congregation to the area, working in conjunction with a church in Guatemala. Sowers4Pastors has decided to help these churches in this endeavor.

They are sending boxes of food from their supplies for feeding centers. They are also sending some backpacks, which were not distributed this year. Because Trish remembered people responding to the needs of homeschoolers, following the flooding in Houston, she realized there would be Guatemalan school children who had lost their school supplies. The backpacks are already filled with toiletries, as well as school supplies. In that way, Sowers4Pastors is able to help.

Trish said, “We are always glad when we have more on the ground than we need at the moment. That means we are able to respond quickly to unforeseen needs! We had more than we needed right this minute. We will still have to replenish the supplies, to keep the feeding centers running and to have sufficient backpacks for the upcoming school year, but we can act NOW. By working with these local churches, we can help.”

By working with Sowers4Pastors, you can help, too.

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