Monday, October 1, 2018

Mailtime, Mailtime, Mailtime, MAIL TIME!!!!

If you happened to be raising children during the late 90s to early 2000s, you’re probably familiar with Blue’s Clues. On the chance you weren’t raising kids, or your television wasn’t tuned to Nickelodeon during that time, you completely missed out on the mailtime song. The host of Blue’s Clues definitely believed that receiving a letter was a joyous occasion and he wasn’t afraid to sing about it!

Mailtime, mailtime, mailtime, mailtime, MAIL TIME!!!!!
Here's the mail, it never fails
It makes me want to wag my tail
When it comes I wanna wail, MAIL!!!!!!!!!!

In coming months, sponsors of children though Manna 4 Lempira and the sister church program will be singing their own mailtime songs. That’s because Russell, Kelsea, and the crew are working to get letters from sponsored children. Last week, Kim Hall joined them as they collected the letters from the Manna 4 Lempira children. Kim took those letters back to the States, and they will be distributed to the sponsors.This week, Russell and Kelsea are collecting more than 1200 letters from the sister church children! Kelsea’s family will be visiting in October. They will take the letters home, where they will be sent to the Stateside sister churches, and delivered to the sponsors.

Each child is completing two letters. The first letter is about his or her home, and the second is a Christmas letter. This type of letter was the brainchild of Kim Hall, who made some form letters for the children to complete. She included things most sponsors want to know about their children. For example: The letters about their homes will include information about what their houses are made of and how many people live in each house. Each child is handed a blank form letter and some colored pencils. They take the letters to their own spot to fill in the information. Back in June, they did similar letters, which were about their favorite Bible characters.

If this seems like an impersonal way to send letters, it really isn’t. Each child thoughtfully fills in the requested details. Moms generally help the younger children. When the children write free-form letters, they tend to say the same thing. While it’s sweet to read, “I really want to meet you,” the sponsor doesn’t get much information that way. They weren’t learning much about the child’s life.

So, if you are sponsoring a child, don’t forget to check your mail in coming months. And get ready to burst into song.

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Mary said...

We have received ours. It was wonderful to receive the information about their homes and family, etc. Everyone has commented on how much they liked that. We would love to receive more like that with additional information about them so that we can feel even more connected. Thanks so much!! This ministry is AMAZING!!!