Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Insert Cleverness Here

In most blog posts, I try to come up with some sort of reasonably clever introductory paragraph. Today, I’ve got nothin’! That’s okay. Just think of this as a writing prompt. This is the point where the reader should come up with his or her own clever introduction. Really. Try it. Okay. Have you got it? Good. Now, here’s what Allen and Trish have been up to since the last update:

It's a photo of a Pilots for Christ meeting. Don't strain
your eyes - Allen and Trish are not in this photo, LOL
On Saturday morning, Nov 10th, they shared their ministry with a chapter of Pilots for Christ International on Merritt Island, Florida. As soon as that was over, they hopped into the car and drove five hours to Tallahassee, where they spent the night. The following morning, they spoke at Piedmont Park Alliance Church. It was an exceptionally good morning. Trish spoke about the kidnapping experience, during the Sunday school hour. Allen spoke about the ministry during the church service. Trish described it as a very welcoming church. Allen and Trish are excited about the possibility of partnering with the church in some way. As Trish said, “As exciting as it is to go to far flung places, it is fiscally responsible to have churches which are more local to one another. Adding another church in Florida would be great!”

On Sunday afternoon, Allen and Trish drove to Sarasota to get together with family. Trish’s brother was visiting that weekend, so Trish was able to spend time with her brother, her parents, and Kirstin, Gus, and Boo. (I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to be calling Gus and Boo by their given names, Christopher and Bethany, but old habits die hard!)

On Monday, Allen and Trish drove to Orlando, and Trish flew home on Tuesday morning. No one is more excited about that fact than R.J.! After catching an early morning flight, Trish was greeted by a welcoming committee at the airport. Abby had a doctor’s appointment in the city, so Russell’s whole family went to appointment, and then to pick up Nana. R.J. greeted Nana by saying (more or less as he had been taught), “Welcome back to your home!” He also got to experience the joy of riding around on the luggage cart, on top of Trish’s luggage. They enjoyed lunch at the airport food court and then drove home--which took four hours, rather than the usual three, due to road construction.

Trish was officially welcomed back to her home at around 8:00 PM. After a much needed night’s sleep, Trish woke up to find herself being “that person everyone is shooting balls at, but she’s hitting them all!” She has answered questions, written emails, looked up phone numbers, found a needed birth certificate, and squeezed in time for our phone call. Since Allen isn’t travelling with a good internet connection, he is relying on Trish to find information as he needs it. She described herself as being “on call” until Allen returns home in December.

Early on in our 8:00 AM phone call, R.J. arrived at the house. I have to wonder how long he had been waiting before Iris allowed him to pay a visit to Nana. Hey, guess what! I just realized I don’t have a clever ending either. You did such a great job in your introductory paragraph, I trust you to come up with your own ending, as well. Fantastic!

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