Saturday, January 4, 2020

Kirstin is Coming to Town!

You may recall a recent post about the need for a Russell clone--someone who would be willing to move to Honduras and work for free. Perhaps you were a bit skeptical about the likelihood of that happening. Afterall, that’s a pretty specific request. Today, it is with much rejoicing that we announce the answer to this prayer. No, there isn’t an actual Russell clone running around. But there is someone with his shared DNA who is getting ready to move to Gracias. Kirstin - Allen and Trish's oldest daughter - is coming to town! And Allen and Trish couldn’t be happier.

Kirstin at the far left, with her siblings
(except for Ben) and Nathan
Kirstin has been thinking and praying about coming down and working with the ministry for at least a year. While this wasn’t a brand new idea, she was committed to helping Boo and Gus (You may know them as Bethany and Christopher) get through nursing school. Since they will both graduate this spring, Kirstin is planning on moving in late May or early June.

Additionally, Trish’s sister-in-law, Jennifer Irvin, unexpectedly volunteered to take on some of the office work that can be done from anywhere in the world. You might already know that dealing with paperwork is not Trish’s favorite thing. On the scale of things she dislikes, paperwork falls somewhere below finding a scorpion in her bed and somewhere above being kidnapped. She has been feeling overwhelmed by paperwork since Sowers4Pastors became a 501c3, or an independent not-for-profit charity. (Anytime you have to combine letters and numbers to describe something, you just know it’s not fun.)

This angel of mercy in the form of a sister-in-law is about to graduate her youngest homeschooled child, so some hours have been freed up in her schedule. Trish admits that she might have complained about the burden of the paperwork when she saw her sister-in-law around the time of Boo’s wedding. Even so, she never expected this generous and selfless offer. As Trish says, “That was a huge, big deal!”

Jennifer, with her husband (Trish's
brother), Brad
“Obviously, we’ve been putting out prayer requests for help," Trish continued, "and help is arriving!”

The fact that part of the help is coming in the form of one of her children is the icing on the answered prayer cake! Trish describes Kirstin as a super-conscientious and wanting to do whatever will help the ministry the most. She is happy to do anything that is needed, even if that thing isn’t her top preference. While she has her bachelors in nursing and will certainly take the lead when medical situations arise, Kirstin anticipates doing a variety of work for the ministry - including working with teams and helping with the never-ending paperwork.

With the addition of Kelsea in early 2018, and Kim & Jonathan Hall a year ago, and now Jennifer and Kirstin, Sowers4Pastors' volunteer staff has been steadily growing. With the new opportunity for the ministry to acquire meals at a cost of two meals per child for a penny, there is an expectation that the ministry work may do some expanding. Trish said, “It's exciting to see that, as God opens up more opportunities for us to minister, He is also giving us the help we need, in order to handle the additional work.”

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Unknown said...

I will miss seeing your around SMH Kirstin!! If I ever make it down there to see my aunt in uncle I will have to come see your mom and dad's stuff too!