Saturday, March 21, 2020

Covid 19: Whippersnappers and Geezers

We’ve talked about the effects of Covid-19 on Honduras in general, so now it’s time to narrow the focus and talk about how it is affecting the Sowerses and the Sowers4Pastors ministry. In the panoramic snapshot of family and people working with the ministry, the vast majority are young and healthy.

The whippersnappers of the group are not really feeling concerned for their own health and safety. While they are acting within the government’s restrictions, they are not feeling a need to change the way they interact with the world beyond that.

Here are a few specific updates:

  • The Hall family was in the middle of a trip to the U.S. when the borders closed. It is unknown when they will be able to return.
  • Sowers4Pastors was already in a season with no visiting teams, when the virus hit. While one team scheduled to arrive at the end of April has cancelled, others are taking a wait and see approach.
  • There is still plenty of work to do. Allen, Russell, and the crew continued working on the church construction project at Quelacasque, through Saturday 3/21, when restrictions on movement became tighter. Now all work is happening only on the property - and there are multiple projects in progress there. Lack of ability to purchase materials will be a nuisance, though.

You will notice that Allen was included among the people working at Quelacasque. That does not mean he is included in the “whippersnapper” category! Allen has a moderately higher risk of a dangerous case of Covid-19 based on his age and previous heart issues. Still, he doesn't intend to self-isolate for personal safety - he's just following the general guidelines.

One name that hasn’t been mentioned is Trish. While she still falls below the danger zone concerning age, she’s in a sort of grey area--too old to be a whippersnapper and too young to be geezer. Unfortunately, Trish’s asthma, high-blood pressure, and post-whippersnapper status place her in a very high-risk category. Since she would also face the certainty of seriously inadequate medical care, our friend Trish is now in quarantine.

The family already had a 2-level plan in place to keep Trish safe and healthy. Previously, she was already social-distancing, in a sort of pre-plan level, not leaving the family property. Trish was prepared for the eventuality of quarantine, but she wasn’t doing it yet. The first suspected case of Covid-19 in Gracias bumped things up to level 1 of quarantine status for Trish. That means that she has no contact with anyone other than Allen.

At this level, when Allen comes home, he enters through the outside door to his bedroom. He immediately showers and changes clothes. He does not enter into Trish’s designated area of the house until he is slathered in Germ-X and wearing a face mask.

If the virus spreads, Trish will enter into level 2 of quarantine status. This would mean that no one would enter the house at all.

Trish did point out that she can still open her bedroom window and talk to RJ and Abbey (and Ben, now that he's home from school) from a safe distance. She is also still able to work online. She wishes to extend her apologies because she has fallen a bit behind on responding to emails while preparing for her new solitary life.

It goes without saying that your prayers are appreciated!

 - posted by Christi

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Prayers are rising often for all of you! Love, Beth Webb