Saturday, September 5, 2020

Great News about Air Travel to Honduras!

Guess what! We have an update to this handy-dandy post concerning the reopening of the airports in Honduras. Feel free to click on the link and refresh your memory. (In case you are trying to streamline your life, here’s a CliffsNotes version of the earlier post: Honduras reopened airports, but not to visitors, so don’t pack your bags yet. This is a step in the right direction, though.) Now, are you ready for the exciting update?

If the previous news was a step in the right direction, this news is like the kind of giant step you used to take during a rousing game of “Mother, May I?” (Mother, may I board a plane to Honduras? Yes, you may!)

Non-Honduran citizens and non-residents are now entering the country. That has been forbidden since March. Even people like Kelsea, who live and work in Honduras have been finding it impossible to re-enter the country after leaving, due to limited flights. That is rapidly changing, and it means that Kelsea and Kirstin will each be catching a flight to Honduras shortly. YAY!

What does this news mean for visiting teams? Well, the government is working on making it possible for tourists and short-term mission groups to come to Honduras, and do the things they have come to do. As Trish relayed what she has heard so far, she stressed that government plans tend to be fluid rather than set in stone. So, the plans of today will likely see changes tomorrow.

This is what the plan looks like for now:

Anyone entering Honduras, regardless of citizenship or residency, must have had a negative COVID-19 test in the past three days. Test results must be presented at the gate.

Teams and tourists will be required to obtain additional paperwork to show they have permission to move about the country freely. Trish doesn’t foresee this as being a problem and she believes it is unlikely that groups of gringos will be stopped and asked to show their paperwork.

What this means for teams:

While teams will be able to get paperwork allowing them to move freely throughout the country, Hondurans are still restricted to traveling only on one specific day every ten days. Many of the Sowers4Pastors teams work with children while they are all assembled at their local school, however the schools have not reopened. At present, the ability to gather a crowd of Hondurans for any kind of ministry work is severely limited.

Shout "Hallelujah" for this big step, and please stay tuned for the next step forward!

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