Monday, June 24, 2024

Praise Jesus with Song and Construction Paper!

On June 1st Sowers4Pastors held its second Sunday school teachers’ training of the year and they welcomed a group of eighty eager Sunday school teachers and pastors. The meeting fittingly began with a sermon on The Great Commission. That was followed by a time of prayer for each teacher and pastor in attendance. Alejandro described the entire meeting as taking place in “an atmosphere of joy.” 

S4P provided the Sunday school teacher in attendance with new educational materials for different age groups. They also taught the attendees some new teaching techniques, activities, and songs. And, of course, some of the songs included fun hand motions.  As Alejandro said, “The children love songs. What better way to sing than to praise the Lord!”

The ministry also provided supplies such as colored construction paper, pencils, and crayons. That may sound like a small thing, but those items are not always readily available for the Sunday school teachers of Honduras. Even if they have the budget to purchase such items, it's not always easy for them to find them in the under-stocked stores in their villages. 

As previously mentioned, there were eighty pastors and Sunday school teachers in attendance. Together, those eighty people regularly reach more than two thousand children! This work isn’t only impacting Lempira. It is safe to say that among those two thousand children are future pastors, teachers, and leaders. 

Alejandro reminds us, “They are the ones who will continue to preach the Word. We believe that we are working to help all of the country and the whole world.” 

At the end of the training, the group shared lunch together. It was a way for Sowers4Pastors to say thank you to the Sunday school teachers and pastors. S4P would also like to thank the churches and sponsors in the States that made the meeting possible. Please continue praying for S4P so that they can continue to fulfill their vision of empowering pastors.

- posted by Christi.

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