Monday, July 23, 2007

The Ugly Bug Mystery - SOLVED!

I have to thank two distinct sources, for their help in finding the answer to the name of the mystery bug from yesterday's post.

First, Brown Eyed Girl, one of the homeschooling moms at the private forum attached to the Sonlight Homeschooling Curriculum website, told me about the website You can send the folks at this site an email with your bug question, including a photo if possible, for identification help. Trust me, if you ever want the answer to a question like "How can I identify this bug?" or "Can you make your own poptarts at home?" or "How do you punctuate a sentence which involves three question marks?" you should ask a forum of homeschooling moms!

So, thanks to Brown Eyed Girl's suggestion, I sent my mystery bug photo to the What's That Bug? site today, and I received an answer within a few hours. Our mystery bug is a type of Fulgorid Planthopper, with the latin name Cerogenes auricoma. All of this fancy scientific talk to tell you that it is a type of aphid, so you don't want these in your garden. (Probably none of you had been thinking, "Gee I wish I had one of those in my garden," unless a bunch of 9 year old boys have recently subscribed to this blog.)

Here is a link to the picture and the answer, with my very grateful thanks to the lovely people at What's That Bug? who were so very helpful and efficient.

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Anonymous said...

LOL! What would we do without SL? We'd have to use google a lot more, and come up with all our own recipes. That's for sure.