Sunday, July 22, 2007

Ugly Mystery Bugs

We see these strange, ugly bugs when we are driving out in the country sometimes. They hang in groups on certain types of trees, and they fly. Sometimes they appear to be dive bombing us, but that might just be our imagination, or too many scary movies!

I'm sorry the picture quality isn't any better - no one wanted to get any closer to these things! We have determined that the orange part is the head end. The black parts are the wings. A lot of the insect is just white furry fluff, giving the overall effect of a much larger bug. The actual body of the insect (from the orange head to the end of the black wings) is about 2 to 3" long. Did I mention that they are ugly?

If there are any well informed entomologist types out there, who can identify these creatures, we'd sure love to hear about it.


Robin's Reports said...

It's Robin of FL. I linked you to my blog so I can remember to read and pray for you. I love your bugs. We're avid bug pinners for entomology projects. I would love some of those - - if I knew they wouldn't kill me. ha ha. I'm so glad to see you blogging.

Aaron Ortiz said...

Gaaa! They look huge. I squirm!

I must say that I've never seen anything like them, and I've lived in Atlantida and Colón which are full of strange and interesting bugs.

Honduras Sprout said...

Those are some wild looking bugs!! I asked my husband if he's seen them here in Honduras. Nope. Must be only up in the mountains. Hope you find out what they are.

Noelle Santos said...

That was a very interesting picture, so I did some hunting of my own! Here is what I found... hope it's helpful! (scroll down to the third picture)

Rubi said...

Hi there,
i was an Amigos volunteer this past summer in Altos Guanteque (a village in the mountains surrounding Gracias Lempira, Honduras) I too encountered these strange bugs and had a fear for them because no one knew what they were, even the natives. I was very excited to find your blog!!

Marco - said...

They are Fulgoridae, species CEROGENES AURICOMA or similar.

Lucio AD said...

It's Cerogenes auricoma (Fulgoridae), I'm sure about it, it's a beautiful bug with a wax strange tail.