Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Construction Has Begun!

Our mission organization has purchased land just outside of Gracias, where eventually we will house visiting teams, hold the Bible school, sort and store the items we receive for distribution, and also where our family will live. We are excited to announce that construction has begun!

Of course, Allen has been working for months on repairing the road into the property, grading the building sites, and on the preparations to connect water and electricity. But now, we can show you the beginnings of buildings!

We actually started digging and pouring the footers while a team was here a couple of weeks ago. Now, the footers for the exterior walls of one building are completed, and we are starting to lay some of the brick and block. Everything you see in these pictures will eventually be underground. This particular building will be a dormitory, which will be used to house teams from the states, and students who come for the Bible school.

Because our construction site is not yet easily accessible, we haul in our supplies (cement, sand, gravel, bricks, block, and even water) in the back of our pickup truck. Loading and unloading the materials,

mixing the concrete . . . everything is done by hand.

Happily, our enthusiastic construction crew is on the job!

Our plan is to build this building and one more, and then move the family up onto the property, while we continue construction. We all love to be up there so much! We can't wait until we can live with that fabulous view every day!


Anonymous said...


Its great to see these pictures! Its exciting for my family to watch, knowing we helped with the foundation. It is a beautiful site and we are so pleased for your family.

Jill Fowler and kids
Grace Church-Orange Park, FL

Trish said...

Hey Jill! I'm so glad to know that you are visiting the blog, and watching the construction progress. Thanks so much for all of your help while you were here! We all enjoyed your team so much . . . even those of us that were sick in bed most of the week!


Bob said...

Woohoo! Great to know the compound is taking shape! Have you thought about putting the site plan on line for people to see? It's an ambitious plan, one that will be a blessing to the people of the area and to visiting teams. It looks like you have a top-notch team working on construction. Tell David I love his gloves.

Bob Gleason

Trish said...

Hey Bob! It's great to "see" you here! I actually had been planning to post the site plans on our website, but I haven't done it yet. Thanks for the reminder.

I'm glad you thought well of our construction crew. They are the best, for sure!