Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Trip to the Market

Our city of Gracias is a market town, which means that the farmers from smaller villages come here to sell their products and make their purchases. The market is a nice place to get fresh fruits and vegetables. I needed a few items for dinner tonight, and I decided to take along the camera, and document our trip through the market.
This is just inside one of the main entrances to the market. The entire block is walled off, with the market inside, so many of these shops are able to set up permanently.

To get to the area with fresh produce, we have to pass through the cowboy supplies:

dried beans and corn:

and many, many other things:

But eventually, we do arrive at the produce section:

We bought beets and green beans, and also some of those red fruits in the bags on the right side of the picture. Those are called lichas or peludas (which means "hairy").

One more photo, as we find our way out of a different part of the market.

Thanks for shopping with us!

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janice said...

It just amazes me how similar market places are around the world... if I had not seen the people I'd have thought you were in West Africa!