Wednesday, September 5, 2007

"Muchas Lluvias" or "It sure is raining here now"

7:30am, Wednesday, and we have power, water, internet - and pancakes! This is actually better than many normal days!

We are receiving a very steady, somewhat heavy rainfall this morning. I'm sure the roads into the mountains are a sloppy mess, so we aren't planning to go up into the mountains right now. I don't expect that this level of rainfall would affect paved roads, such as the road we need to take to San Pedro Sula, to get the team to the airport, unless there are landslides. Minor landslides which drop dirt and rocks onto the road are fairly common around here. There could be some minor flooding, too, enough so that you couldn't cross at fords, but that is common during the rainy season as well. There aren't any fords between here and San Pedro Sula, but there are a few areas which are prone to landslides.

The only concern we have right now is that the storm has really slowed down. If it parks over us and rains like this for several days, then we might have worse problems. But, all things considered, I would have to say that Honduras has been spared a catastrophe this time! Thank you all for praying for us!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the good news.
Buenos Noches to yall.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you all have been spared the worst of the weather from Felix. Felix means "happy" like "feliz" in Spanish. I'm sure you are all feeling pretty happy and blessed with the storm so far. We will pray that it moves on by and does not linger in any one place too long. Our God is a mighty God!
Love from Florida