Wednesday, September 5, 2007

No hay agua . . .

It is always amazing to new arrivals to Honduras, that the water in the city water lines tends to go out whenever it rains. Seems strange to say "No hay agua" (there is no water) when the rain is falling hard and fast.

Our water is now out in the house, and there is still plenty of rain here, falling moderately hard and steady. We are having a lot of problems with roof leaks, but we are used to a lot faster falling rain than this, so we aren't having flooding or drainage issues.

I think our team is bored today, since we don't have anything for them to do. In our house, Allen and Kirstin are working on splinting the leg of a baby bird we found at the MV property. I'll write all about that later, once the storm is over and I need a topic!


Aaron Ortiz said...

Wow, I thought Felix was over, it stopped raining in the early morning here in Teguz. It never rained very much.

Trish said...

Aaron, it was a bit surreal here yesterday, when we were still waiting for the storm to arrive, and all over the US news and the internet it was being celebrated that the storm was over.

At the moment, we're just glad the whole thing wasn't worse!