Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Breaking News from Gracias Lempira

A friend on the city emergency committee has informed us that the first bridge on the main road (the only paved road) out of town is suspected of being damaged from flooding this morning. Allen is at the river now, checking on the situation. If that bridge is impassable, we will need a 4 wheel drive vehicle, and a lot of persistance, to get out over the dirt mountain roads (which have certainly not improved with all of this recent rain), through La Esperanza, and down the other paved road to San Pedro Sula, to get the team to the airport.

We have also received a report that the second bridge out of town is currently under water, and will also need to be examined before it can be used.

We don't yet know what this will mean, as far as the team catching their originally scheduled flight.

I'll update here when I hear more about this!

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