Saturday, September 8, 2007

Christmas in September?

Usually I blog about the events of the day, but this post will be a blatant appeal for your involvement. Each year, we collect Christmas gifts, which are given to the pastors we work with, and their families. We also give candy and gifts to the children in our Special Needs Program, the children at the feeding centers, and the children who are in the local hospital at Christmas time.

Why bring this up in September? Because, of course, there is the time it takes to get the gifts to us here in Gracias. We will be scheduling a 40' container shipment from Maryland to Honduras in October. Friends in Northern Virginia will be receiving the mailed gifts for us, and a few churches in Maryland and in Florida will receive gifts delivered to their churches.

The time to get involved in this project is NOW!!!!!!! There are only three weeks left until the mailing deadline of October 1st. Also, September is a fabulous time to purchase school supplies on sale . . . and these are some of the best items to send.

All of the information for sending a box is located on our ministry website, on the "Gifts for Gracias" page, except for the actual mailing address. For that, you will have to send me an email, as I don't want to post the address on the internet.

We anticipate needing approximately 2000 gifts for children, and 250 family gifts, so we need all of the help we can get. Please help us bless these children, and these hardworking ministers of the Gospel!

Here's a fun quiz for you:

What do you think is the most appreciated gift we give to young girls here?
What do you think is the most appreciated gift we give to young (really all ages) boys here?
What gift do you think the pastors appreciate most, not including Spanish Study Bibles?
What gift do you think the women appreciate the most?

I'll give the answers in a future post.

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