Sunday, September 9, 2007

Answers to the 'Christmas in September' Quiz

In the "Christmas in September" post, I asked these questions:

What do you think is the most appreciated gift we give to young girls here?
What do you think is the most appreciated gift we give to young (really all ages) boys here?
What gift do you think the pastors appreciate most, not including Spanish Study Bibles?
What gift do you think the women appreciate the most?

Here are the answers:

The girls, above all else, love to receive Barbie dolls. I won't take a stand on whether Barbie dolls are ruining the self-image of our female youth, or whether they are harmless. The girls just like them!

The answer for the boys is so obvious: a soccer ball. Give any boy in Honduras a soccer ball, and he will be thrilled. This includes my sons!

The pastors LOVED the Spanish Study Bibles we gave as gifts last year. But, after those, their most desired and appreciated gift was a baseball cap! I don't know why, but they really are thrilled to get baseball caps!

For the women who received gifts, this was a difficult call to make, so we think it was kind of a tie. They are so appreciative of sweaters or light jackets, but, at the same time, they also were thrilled with the blankets and comforters. So, it's a toss up!

Now, why not go make some Christmas boxes! :-D

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