Monday, September 10, 2007

Still Cleaning Up after Felix

The Bible Training School, originally scheduled for this week, has been postponed until next week, because so many of the roads in the mountains of Lempira are still not fit for travel after the rains we experienced from Felix.

I am using the word "road" in the broadest possible sense here. Once you leave the city of Gracias, basically all of the roads into the mountains are 4 wheel drive only, and when you get to the ends of those, the "roads" are horse paths and foot paths.

These mountain roads will be repaired by the people who live up in the mountains, themselves, without any machines or equipment, beyond picks and shovels. So, this will take a bit of time, and the pastors are just not able to get away and travel until the repair work is completed.

Approximately 80 pastors and church leaders attend the Bible Training School for three days each month. Click here and also here for more information about the school.

In spite of some inconveniences, we are all extremely grateful that Felix didn't cause great damage or loss of life in Honduras!

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Bob said...

How do you contact 80 pastors to let them know the school is postponed? BTW, it is awesome that God is calling so many pastors to attend each month. What a blessing for them to be taught and encouraged in their ministries, and what a blessing to the people they minister to!

Bob Gleason