Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Trish's Official Hurricane Felix Update

This morning's projected path for the storm takes it right through the center of Honduras.

The storm was a category 5 as it hit the coast, and is currently a category 3. It should continue to diminish in strength very quickly as it comes toward us. That means that we are looking at getting a real dumping of rain, but not much wind.

Historically, however, more people have died from the effects of rain in Honduras, than from the hurricane force winds (the two major examples of this are Hurricane Mitch in 1998 with over 10,000 deaths, and Hurricane Fifi in 1974 with 8000 deaths). The rivers flood, and mudslides take out houses and roads. Afterwards, it can be hard to travel, and necessary supplies (like food and water) cannot get into some areas.

So, although the hurricane strength winds should not reach us, we are certainly in a potentially dangerous situation. We will just have to see what happens at this point.

The decision regarding our visiting team (15 Korean-Americans and 2 Honduran translators from the capital) is that they will stay here in Gracias with us. The storm could move from the projected path, either to the north or to the south . . . so any direction we tried to go might put us into a worse situation. We believe we are safe here, as we ride out the actual storm. If we tried to evacuate, we might be traveling into the storm, or into areas we are less familiar with.

My internet is by satellite, and it usually stops working if the weather is extremely overcast and if it is raining hard. I expect to lose my connection late today or tomorrow. Of course, if the power goes out, I will be disconnected sooner!

Today, we are finishing our preparations for the storm, and for what might possibly be a difficult aftermath.

Thanks so much, for praying for us during this! I will check in when I can!


Anonymous said...

I am following up your update hourly (in between patients :) ) I pray that everyone will be safe over there. I feel sorry for the first time missionaries from my church. say hi to them and we will keep on praying.

from Younggi

Trish said...

I will tell them you were checking on them, Younggi. So far, they all seem quite at ease with the situation. They are a great group!