Saturday, January 19, 2008

While we're on the subject of displaying art work . . .

This past May, I worked on sorting through everything we had stored in the states, and gradually moving it here (or disposing of it). I was excited to see, in the most recent arrival of stuff, my pencil drawings and watercolor paintings from when I took art classes in college.

Most of these have never been framed, because the expense of framing a large drawing or painting is quite high in Maryland. One of the drawings had been framed, but it arrived here without the glass, and the frame was weakened.

I had Russell tighten and strengthen the frame for me. He also checked on the cost to replace the glass here in Gracias. Although the sheet of glass was custom cut to fit the somewhat large (2' x 2.5') picture, the cost of the glass was only 60 Lempiras - about $3! Russell has also found a local carpenter who will make frames for my other pieces inexpensively (the carpenter happens to be Russell's girlfriend's father). So, I believe I will finally be able to display my own drawings and paintings! I'm rather ridiculously excited about this!


Aaron Ortiz said...

Wow, great work, I like the second one better, but they're both great.

Thoughts about life said...

Good blog....good pictures.


Anonymous said...

Hey Trish
You never told me you were an AR-TEEST!!! What a wonderful gift you have been given! Wow! Is there a chance that we can see more sometime? Thank you for sharing this part of you. And I liked the first one best but they are both excellent!
Love Beth