Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Rules of the Road

A recent team took pictures during their drive back to San Pedro Sula from Gracias. They were especially intrigued by the way vehicles passed one another on the road. Intrigued might not be the right word here, as truly, this can be a terrifying experience. Double yellow lines, blind curves, and even oncoming traffic don't deter the drivers who intend to pass . . . including my husband, I have to admit. Of course, Allen and the kids would say it is just fun and exciting, and that I'm a wimp. You can look at the pictures, and decide for yourself.


Scott D said...

Looks pretty normal to me. But then again we live and drive in Romania.

Anonymous said...

Somebody once told me that in Central America, "The one with the fastest vehicle rules the road!"

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the flashbacks. I have to admit, being on the roads, especially in the back of the pickup truck, was quite the experience. I think someone on our team has video with me practically screaming. ;-)

Jill Fowler
Orange Park, FL New Grace Church