Saturday, April 12, 2008

Getting Some Help!

If you've ever sent us an email, you probably know that we are sloooooooooooow at responding. This is mostly because we are swamped with work here. The regular ministry work continues to grow, and of course, the construction work at the mission property is eating up a lot of time. In general, Allen would rather be out working at ministry or construction than working in the office. In the past, I have normally handled the bulk of the communications work, but I currently am busy homeschooling 4 students, and one of those is learning to read, which is a teacher-intensive activity. Plus, neither Allen or I seem to have been especially blessed in the areas of organization or office work skills.

We have been putting out the word, through various avenues, that we could use some help down here, and it looks like, finally, help may be on the way. Another missionary family, currently working in Mexico, is now making plans to come work with us starting late this summer. If things work out well, they will consider making this a permanent move. We are very excited about this. We haven't met yet, but the skills they bring with them - both construction and office skills - seem to mesh very well with the work here, and also may help plug some of the gaps where Allen and I are lacking in either skills or time.


Jennifer said...

YAY to some relief :)

Kim & Dave said...

That is GREAT news, Trish!!