Thursday, April 10, 2008

Starting to Weave

Today Rachel wove a few inches, pulled them out, and wove them again. She likes the way her project is coming out, but it is a little more complicated to achieve than she had expected. She thought about simplifying the pattern, but then decided to keep with her original plan. The finished work doesn't look complicated, but it involves working with several shuttles at once, and this requires her to be constantly on her guard against twisted threads. Her main challenge, right now, is learning how to keep her edges straight.

We had a hard time getting good pictures of today's work. Either the photos came out blurry, or there was a glare off the loom.

Not so much progress today, because I actually made her work on some of her other schoolwork, like math, science, etc. ;-D


Heidi said...

I wanna be like your girls when I grow up!
Seriously, there must be *something* I can do better than them...
Oh, I know!! I can drive like a maniac bus driver!
Does that count for anything?? :~D
Hugs to all!

Trish said...

Thanks Heidi! Maniac bus driver, huh? Care to put your skills up against my son???!!!???

I'm enjoying hearing about your family through your blog. We miss you guys!