Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Looming on the horizon . . . or . . . "Aren't we warped?"

Okay, so puns aren't everyone's favorite form of humor, and my puns aren't that great - but we're excited to see that the warp on the new loom is nearing completion! Once the warp threads are attached to the loom, the actual weaving can begin.

Rachel and Kirstin have worked hard setting up this first project. Rachel decided to make a table runner for our dining room table. This is a nice sized project, and if she gets bored with it, she can make a shorter table runner. She chose the colors to match my dishes.

Here are a few shots of the warping work:

Tomorrow: We weave!


Suzanne said...

There's a weaver nearby. I've watched her work and it seems like ALOT OF WORK! She enjoys it though and says that time spent at the loom is quite relaxing.

Trish said...

Yes, it's not exactly the project for anyone who needs instant gratification! We do a lot of reading aloud at our house, and Rachel plans to weave while she listens to the reading, or just listens to music.

She's under orders to enjoy this craft, since purchasing the loom was a pretty large financial commitment! ;-D