Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Weird Electrical Happenings Redux

We had a repeat performance today of these strange events. At least this time, we knew what was going on!

First, half of the lights and outlets stopped working (including the power to our computer and modem), and then, a few hours later, the power to the rest of the house went out. So, we had no power most of the day today, until 7pm.

Last night, Rachel finally was able to get her Christmas present loom set up! I had some pictures of the assembly, but they accidentally got deleted from the camera. I'll try to show some loom pictures tomorrow. All day today, Kirstin and Rachel read the books and manuals we have on loom set-up and weaving. They now know a lot of new vocabulary, and hopefully they will actually start warping (there's one of those new words now) the loom tomorrow, in anticipation of actual weaving.

This week is the monthly session of the Bible Training School, so things are a bit busy right now.

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