Thursday, July 17, 2008

Breaking News from the Hen House

While I was away on vacation, our family was given another rooster! With our existing 2 to 2 hen to rooster ratio already being waaaaay too heavy on roosters, something had to be done. So, the new rooster and Mr Pincher made the ultimate sacrifice for the cause of the monthly pastor training school in June.

That leaves us with the original pair, Gorgeous and Handsome, and of course sad-looking little Baldy.

Baldy, who came to us looking like this, I promise.

For the past three weeks, everyone in my family has been away from home, and a Peace Corps volunteer was housesitting for us. Anna cared for all of our animals, including the chickens, but apparently she never collected any eggs. To our delighted surprise, we returned home to find Gorgeous sitting on a nest full! We had intended to let the chickens try to hatch some eggs after our vacation, so the timing on this was just perfect.

From the look of things, she is sitting on eggs laid by both herself and Baldy. I don't know enough about chickens to know how unusual this would be. We're really looking forward to the outcome of this unplanned educational experience at our house!

Gorgeous with her nest full of eggs. Sorry it's a blurry action shot, but Gorgeous wasn't liking the idea of moving off her eggs for the picture.

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La Gringa said...

That's a lot of eggs! She's a greedy little momma, isn't she? It will be so amazing when they hatch. It takes 21 days.

You might need to watch the other grownup chickens. They say that some will try to kill the babies. I haven't seen that in mine so hopefully you won't either. If you do, you'll need to keep them separated somehow.

BTW, when a hen gets broody, she'll sit on a golf ball if that is all she has. ;-) I've seen three of my hens in the same nest at a time! The broody hen just scoots over to let the other hens lay their eggs.

Aren't chickens great?