Friday, July 18, 2008

Lempira Day is coming, and we're already celebrating here!

Lempira Day is such an important event in our city, and the carnival and street fairs have been going on for days, even though the actual holiday isn't until Sunday. Today the parades started, and already this morning we've taken some wonderful pictures to share, from the Kindergarten Parade. With the visiting team arriving tomorrow morning, I don't have time to write much today, but here is a link to the post about Lempira Day from last year, in case you want to know what we are celebrating!


Jacinta Mucosa said...

They are so precious! My husband says he used to dress like that. He said they used to pluck feathers from the chickens and hunt for sticks to make the bow and arrow.

Thanks for sharing!

La Gringa said...

So adorable! Great photos.

My favorite is the little fat "man" with the mustache and his little fat wife.

Kim & Dave said..., Trish....That HAS to be one of the most ADORABLE sets of pics I have ever seen!

Que lindos!!!

Akinoluna said...

Those are hilarious! That girl in the red dress is so funny, her face is saying, "When is this stupid parade over?!"

Laurie said...

I haven't been in Honduras the past few summers for Lempira Day. However, I remember it as a wonderful day in the poor mountain slums around Tegucigalpa. I need to look up my pics again. Your pictures are great.

Leslie said...

These pictures are great! I was a Peace Corps volunteer in La Esperanza and our Lempira Day parade was equally a big deal. I love the little boys with painted on mustaches!

Honduras Sprout said...

Those are the most adorable pictures!! I loved looking at them. The boys and girls look precious in their costumes. Love it!