Monday, July 21, 2008


We didn't know when to expect our eggs to hatch, since we were on vacation when Gorgeous began her family. Yesterday Kirstin discovered that about five eggs had hatched . . . today we have at least nine chicks in the nest!

They are soooooo adorable, and we are all very excited about their arrival. I'll try to get some pictures soon. With the visiting team, and the big Lempira Day festivities yesterday, we've been a bit busy here. Tomorrow Allen will be taking the team to spend the rest of the week in San Rafael Lempira, and then I should have more time to blog!


Anonymous said...

How exciting to have chicks. I bet the children are enjoying themselves!

How far of a drive will it be for them to go to San Rafael tomorrow?

It was great seeing you when you were town, but I have to say...I'm glad you are back up and blogging again!!

Jill (mom to Justin and Megan who are there now).

Orange Park

Trish said...

Hey Jill,

Allen said the drive to San Rafael will be between 2 and 4 hours, depending on road conditions. It has been raining a LOT the past few days, so it might be on the long side this time.

Anonymous said...

Glad I insisted that Justin bought a raincoat. I assume Megan took my out of the closet, but to be honest never looked. Oh boy, hopefully they stay dry!

Thanks for the update.


E said...

I can't wait for the chix pix!