Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Historical Survey of Trish's Kitchens in Honduras

I showed a few pictures of my lovely (though small) kitchen in our current rental house to some friends who live in the states, and they commented that my kitchen was much nicer than they'd expected. This got me thinking about all the different kitchens I've had in Honduras. I don't have pictures of all of them (we've lived in 5 different houses in almost 8 years, and we're just about to move to house number 6), but I do have a few examples.

These first two pictures show our second house in Honduras (I don't seem to have any pictures of our first house), back when we lived on the island of Guanaja. It was a tiny house; as you can see, the kitchen, dining room, and living room are all one room. But it was a pretty nice kitchen, in terms of having enough counter space, and having actual, built-in cabinets.

Our final year living on the island, we lived in a building which had been built for a community center. The building had two stories, and the upstairs was intended for future expansion and classrooms. While we lived upstairs, we continued to run youth programs downstairs. Because we knew we'd just be there for a year, we put in the minimum necessities - one full bath, and a kitchen sink. All things considered, we managed to make it pretty comfortable. This was our roughest ever kitchen, but the views out the windows were unbeatable!

I don't have many pictures of our first kitchen in Gracias. It was an interesting kitchen, as it was in a fairly nice house, but it had no storage at all, very little counter space, and not enough floor space for both a refrigerator and stove. There was an island counter, built on top of a solid concrete half-wall (you can see David making cookies on the island), and another bit of counter near the sink (where Boo is making tamales). Fortunately, we still had all of our wire shelving from our previous kitchen, and we were able to make do. The space you can see behind David was really intended to be a dining area. Since we couldn't actually fit the entire family around a table in that space, and we couldn't fit the appliances into the half of the room intended for the kitchen, we just used both parts as the kitchen, and ate while sitting in the living room. We lived in that house for almost one year.

Finally, the pictures below show my current kitchen. Comparatively speaking, it's pretty nice, don't you think? This is also the first house where we've had a separate dining room.

This completes our tour of Trish's kitchens . . . for now. I wonder what the kitchen in house number 6 will look like . . .


Aaron Ortiz said...

The view from the Guanaja kitchen is aweseme!! It looks like a painting on the wall

Laurie said...

Ha! This is the first time I have ever seen a blog on someone's kitchen history. I loved it! If you ever wander my way to Teguz, come and see my kitchen. Seriously. I love your blogs. And I'd love to have YOU in my KITCHEN.

Beth said...

Your kitchen pics are awesome...I can't wait to be with you in your new kitchen(s) wherever it may be!
Praying that God will give you just the right place at just the right time.

Unknown said...

I love the beauty you can see from your kitchen windows. :) Fun to see your kitchen.