Friday, August 29, 2008

Thoughts on our upcoming move

The pile of packed boxes in my living room.

We are hoping that the rental house we will be viewing this weekend will work out for our family. It would be great if we could move this week, before the landlord starts getting annoyed with us for not having left yet.

If the new rental house is a really good fit, we probably won't be in as big a hurry to move out of that house and into the buildings on the property. If the house is clearly just a make-it-do solution, we'll be much more likely to go ahead and make the jump to living in our half completed buildings, as soon as they are closed in.

I'm a bit torn about this. On the one hand, it would be nice to find a comfortable house here in town, where we can live and work while the construction continues. On the other hand, we are all excited about moving out of town, and in spite of the lifestyle difficulties, my heart is ready to be out on the property.

Some of you are aware that about ten years ago our family lived, for two years, in a mobile home without electricity or indoor plumbing. We know how to do this, and it doesn't scare us, the way it might intimidate some people. We've talked as a family about the problems related to moving to the property soon, and we feel that the hardest adjustment we would have to make would be dealing with the lack of internet connection. With most of our communications coming and going by email, and Kirstin doing her schooling online, it would be hard to manage with just a few hours in an internet cafe every so often - not to mention the difficulty of keeping the blog updated!

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