Saturday, August 23, 2008

The plan for the bodega

This is the bodega/warehouse we are building, in a photo taken this morning. This view is of what Allen calls the "front" of the building. This side of the building faces the rest of the buildings on the property. We have planned the building to look as if it was another house, rather than having the appearance of a large warehouse. So, this side of the building will have a front door and windows, and a long porch.

Once you enter through the door, however, you will have to go down a short set of steps, to reach floor level of the building. Inside you will find a large empty space, with high ceilings, to use as a warehouse.

The photo above shows the inside of the "front" door, and you can see how high it will be above floor level.

This photo shows what Allen calls the "back" of the bodega. Personally, I can't help thinking of this as the front. Since this is a garage type structure, seems to me the garage entrance is the "front." Oh well, happily our marriage is strong enough to hold up through disagreements such as this! ;-D

So, that's the bodega! We may live in part of this structure for a while, as we build our own house. That will be a time of "roughing it," but we're all looking forward to it, as we can't wait to actually live outside of town. This building isn't going to be ready soon enough to keep us from having to move into an interim rental house, but we hope to move out onto the property by the end of 2008.

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walter terry said...

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