Sunday, August 24, 2008

Today, at our new home, we discovered . . .

Giant Grasshoppers!

Yes, these babies were 5 and 6 inches long! There were lots of them, flying about and eating the leaves of the trees. Interestingly, they came in a variety of colors. This orange one was especially photogenic, but there were also copper-brown grasshoppers, and yellow, and green. They were quite lovely, really . . . if you like giant grasshoppers.


Bill N. said...

Nice Lobsters!! I'm gonna join you at your blogspot from now on.

Heidi said...

*NEW* house?

I thought you were still lookin!

Tell all!! :~)

Trish said...

Great to have you here, Bill!

Sorry, Heidi. I meant the home we are creating, out on the property. We are still looking for the interim rental house. Hopefully we'll find something soon! I'll keep you updated.