Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pray with me?

A few months ago, when I traveled through the eastern US with some of my kids, we had the opportunity to stay as guests in the homes of numerous people. Some of these were old friends from when we lived in Maryland, some were newer friends we have met through our ministry here in Honduras, and some were friends I'd never met; people I know through an internet forum for homeschoolers.

While in Connecticut, we stayed with one of these forum families. I had actually met the mom, Sandy, once before. She graciously invited us to stay with her, and she and her boys spent a day with us touring Mystic Seaport. Her sweet sons had a gift for David, since he couldn't come on the trip, and Sandy had (through reading my blog posts and things I'd written on the forum) compiled a list of foods we really like and miss, and she had filled her kitchen with special treats for our stay. Obviously we had a great time with Sandy and her family!

Shortly after our visit, Sandy was diagnosed with breast cancer, and yesterday she had her surgery. She started a blog, Hiking Up Hill, about her experiences since her diagnosis. Sandy has been handling this situation with great courage and humor, and it is humbling to read her upbeat posts. Her husband is doing an incredible job keeping the blog updated in addition to being a support for Sandy at the hospital, being a Dad, and just holding everything together.

Sandy, trying on her fun new wig, for use during chemo.

We're praying for Sandy here, and I'd love to recruit some additional prayers on her behalf, and for her family. During the surgery, it was found that the cancer had spread to Sandy's lymph nodes, which means that the surgery had to be more extensive than originally planned, and she will have more aggressive chemotherapy than originally thought.

Thanks so much for joining us in prayer for Sandy's healing.

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Beth said...

We will be praying for Sandy and her family.