Monday, September 15, 2008

May the Force Be With You

My family has been working hard recently, converting hand painted, Honduran-made bookmarks into memorable "business cards" by adding our contact information onto the backs. Allen will be handing these out to people while he's visiting in the US.

Many of these bookmarks have Christian mottos on them. Most are in Spanish, but some enterprising designer translated many of the mottos into English. We purchased around 500 bookmarks, some in each language.

The kids were amused by the fact that, when translating "Jesus is strength" from Spanish to English, the translator came up with: "Jesus is the Force." Although we're fans of the Star Wars movies, we're not so sure if the Star Wars theme is just right for this message. ;-D


Akinoluna - a female Marine said...

I'd love to have some of those! That's funny. :-)

Patty said...

I think it is very appropriate. Jesus is the Force that gets us through life.


Lakemommy said...

Can I have one, please?

Beth said...

I have one of those bookmarks...and I love it! Mine is on my dresser propped up against the mirror so I see it every morning. It says Christo es la verdad! (Jesus is the Truth!) It reminds me to pray for all of you and it helps me remember that I need Jesus to show me the truth when I'm believing lies about God, others and myself. I fall for the lies so easily!