Sunday, September 14, 2008

Living a Bit Close to the Edge

Yesterday Allen told me that while he was out driving, he had come across a funeral procession, which turned out to be the funeral of a neighbor of ours. This neighbor's land borders the property where we are building our new house. We have had some interaction with this neighbor, because a few months back we looked into the possibility of purchasing a small piece of property from him. We didn't go forward with the purchase, because there was a dispute over the ownership of the land.

Our neighbor was murdered late this week, following an argument about that land ownership dispute. The shooting occured in the town of Refugio, which is just a short distance from our property.


Aaron Ortiz said...

Wow! What have you decided to do?

Beth said...

Was this the older gentleman that helped our construction crews when we were working there? I hope not.
We will be praying for this man's family and as always for your safety.

Trish said...

Aaron, at this point, we don't expect to change any of our plans because of this. We're glad we didn't buy that piece of property, of course, but we did go through the legal maneuvering to make sure that our property has a clear title, so we hope to remain uninvolved in the issues about the land that touches ours. But, still, this sort of thing keeps you looking over your shoulder a bit, you know?

Beth, this was not the man who worked with the team. This was a different neighbor. Thanks for praying!