Thursday, September 11, 2008

We're crazy-busy at my house!

Today is the last day of the Bible Training School for this month. In and of itself, that makes it a busier than average day. But there's more - so very much more!

I wanted to clear out all of our give-away pile before our upcoming move. Since we have no Good Will store to donate to here, we just collect a pile, until we have enough to distribute to the pastors at the school. This collection includes clothing our children have outgrown, clothing teams have left behind for us to distribute, and those general household items that seem to accumulate until we say "too much stuff" and clear some out. Of course, it has to be a pretty big pile before we have enough to give to so many people. Yesterday the younger kids sorted the pile into the right number of bags for the number of students at the school, and today Russell drove them to the school and passed them out.

Oh, and then there are the motorcycles. We receive funds each year from the Christian Motorcyclists Association, to purchase motorcycles for the use of pastors in our area. There is a lot of paperwork involved in this, as we don't want to purchase motorcycles titled in our own name, and have to re-title them all when they are given to the pastors. So, we have to get all of the title work done, for each pastor, first. Today, we distributed five motorcycles to pastors, and had a picture-taking time at the park. (We'll be handing out ten more in another month.)

Also, Allen and Russell are leaving in a few days for a visit to the states. They will be attending several missionary conference events. For this, they need a display board, PowerPoint presentation, album of photos, and little cards printed out with our contact info. We are busy, busy, busy printing out photos and cutting out mats, and designing layouts, etc, etc, etc. It is fortunate for me that my two oldest daughters are very artistic, and are old enough to share much of this work!

There is, in addition, the fact that we are still trying to pack around here, and so our house is pretty torn up right now. Fortunately, I made sure not to touch any of our office supplies yet, and so the things we need to create our presentations are still where we can find them.

Did I mention the homeschooling? Well, why bother mentioning it, when there certainly isn't any of that going on in my house today!

Aaaaack! Big cockroach just crawled across my lap! I'm pretty used to the bugs, but I do have my limits when it comes to cockroaches . . . and having one on my lap is clearly a violation of my personal space!

Now, it's back to work for me!

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Beth said...

I have to agree about the cockroaches! None in my personal space, please. : ]
I'm thinking the presentation boards and clothes sorting and the interaction with all these wonderful pastors and other local folks is homeschooling! That's what I loved about our 13 years of homeschooling--we really did learn something new every day! And most of it didn't come from textbooks.