Monday, October 6, 2008


This is the day we disconnect from the internet. We may be reconnected as soon as later today, or it may be a month or more, depending on how our work goes today. I'll check in as soon as I can, either from my new house, or from an internet cafe, to let you know the score!

We are also hopeful that everything will be done at the old house by the end of today. If we have to, I'm sure we can take one more day, but to keep everything happy and friendly with the landlord (as much as possible) we are striving for today to be the final day.

Please pray for us!

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Anonymous said...

Still praying!
We miss you already...hope its not long before you are back on the net. I'm thinking if each of you unpacks one box a day thats 5 to 7 boxes each day depending on who's at home...
How is dear Rachel holding up? I know she likes things to be organized...sigh! it might be awhile before its all in order. Maybe she could concentrate on one or two rooms so you have an oasis of organization to retreat to when the rest of it gets to be too much.
Lifting you all up and asking Papa God to carry you in his arms through the rough patches.