Sunday, October 5, 2008


Things are on track for us to finish this job tomorrow! Brad Ward came by for the afternoon, and almost all of the big furniture that we hadn't yet moved - dining room table, washing machine, etc - is now gone.

There is still stuff to be moved from the yard and carport, and I'm planning to push the kids hard for one more batch of moving in the Land Cruiser in the morning. I want to have as much of that done before Brad gets here tomorrow, so that he can spend his time on the things we can't move without him.

I really think we're going to make it by our deadline! I'm feeling hopeful tonight!

I, um, don't want to think about the unpacking which is still ahead of us. I just have my eyes on getting out of this house, for now.


Heidi said...

(((Trish and kiddos)))

Missus Wookie said...

Unpacking will happen - but those boxes will wait VERY patiently for you promise. Take some time to appreciate your hard work and achievements in getting out of the old house.

Don't think about moving to the next one either that is always depressing... :sigh: