Friday, October 17, 2008

Mostly about my cat

Although the main reason for this post is to share some fun pictures of one of our cats, I also wanted to report that the storm I mentioned in my previous post dissipated more quickly than had been predicted, and so although we had a string of rainy days there were no other problems related to this storm. We did find a couple of leaks in the roof, but thankfully nothing major.

Now, on to the cat.

You need to meet Smudge, one of our sweet kitties. Smudge is a perfectly nice kitty, but he pales in comparison to Sandy, our other kitten, who is an absolute cuddle-and-purr machine. Both Sandy and Smudge are about five months old now. Although Sandy has stolen everyone's hearts, Smudge has a very memorable and interesting talent. Smudge is really good at sleeping. And, he sleeps with style. Observe:

(No animals were harmed in the creation of these photos. ;-D )


Beth said...

What a cute kitty!
Remembering you in prayer as you hit the books!

The Hayes Zoo said...

He looks just like our dearly, departed Nermal. Except Nermal had long hair. Keep your eyes out for one for us. Especially ones that have that creative sleeping talent!