Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tomorrow school is back in session!

We've been so busy recently, that the children have had some time off school. We didn't try to do any schoolwork during the move. Then, when Allen and Russell returned from the states, we immediately had the monthly Bible Training School.

This month we had a guest teacher come in from Tegucigalpa. Jim Reilly brought his wife and four kids, so that their family could have a mini vacation here in Gracias. Of course, the opportunity for us to hang out with other North Americans (and especially other North American kids) was too rare and precious for us to spend time doing school during their visit! We all had a fun time during the week, even though the weather was pretty rainy. We even went swimming once, at the hot water springs, where it's kind of nice to swim in cool weather.

But, tomorrow, it's back to the grind! Before you know it, the shipping container from Florida will be arriving, full of Christmas gift donations for us to sort and distribute. Then, we'll be taking time off school again! So, we'd better be super efficient between now and then!

Oh, but I've neglected to mention that we are still waiting for our new landlord to empty out the large bodega (storage room) which is part of our new house. He was supposed to clear it out before we moved in, then he was going to have it done within a week, then by last Monday or Tuesday . . . well, you get the idea. Meanwhile, we aren't really moved into this house, as our large collection of bodega items (mostly tools) are all over the main rooms and hall ways!

So, even though school is starting, there is still a lot of unpacking and moving in to do. We'll just have to work on both!

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