Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Along for the Ride

I'm back from a trip to the big city of San Pedro Sula! Our visitors had to catch departing flights on Sunday, and Allen had some work to do in the city on Monday. Since the trip was going to include several days and nights in a hotel, I went along, to continue the visit with our friends, stay in a nice hotel with my hubby (and without any kids), and to eat bagels I didn't have to make myself! I was really just along for the ride.

On Monday, Allen went all over the city, searching for a good deal on tires for our backhoe. He found good tires at high prices, lousy tires at low prices, and eventually found the compromise of pretty good tires at a pretty good price, and bought two.

He also had arranged to purchase four Yamaha motorcycles for pastors. The paperwork on the motorcycles took longer than expected (when don't things take longer than expected?), and it was getting late when the motorcycles and tires (which are so huge they dwarf the bikes) were loaded into the trailer for the long drive back to Gracias.

It was at this point that a problem with the trailer axle was discovered. This was fortunate, as finding the problem partway home would have been much more difficult. Allen was able to find a shop to make a repair at 5pm (pretty hard to find in this part of the world), and we started on our return trip at around 6.

Starting this late meant that almost the entire drive took place after dark. Driving at night isn't something we like to do here. The roads often have large potholes which are hard to spot ahead of time at night. Also, many other vehicles are missing some of their lights, which makes things interesting. Plus, there's some increase in the likelihood of being the victim of a crime at night.

We made it home just fine, though. It was a pretty uneventful trip - which is our favorite kind!


TexasHeather said...

glad you guys made it home safe. sounds like Dad was going ahead of you on that trip -- and how nice you got to have a little break! I love reading your adventures...

Trish said...

Thanks Heather!