Friday, January 9, 2009

Dog Surgery on the Front Porch

Our dogs went for a run this morning, and Joey returned with a terrible injury. Somehow he tore the skin from his one eye socket, down his check. The cut went all the way to the bone, so it was pretty serious.

There aren't any veterinary services here in Gracias, so we felt blessed to have a guest with us this week, who has experience in home doctoring animals, because of having grown up on a ranch. Allen and our guest (who is an Air Force colonel in real life, and only plays a veterinarian on the mission field) gathered the necessary equipment and stitched up the dog.

They set up a table on the front porch, where they had lots of light. They had to tie the dog to the table, and muzzle him. Several of the children sat with the dog, stroking him and telling him that he was a good dog. Joey was worried, but pleased with the attention.

A doctor friend supplied some Novocaine, so the men were able to numb the area around the eye. That was a big blessing!

As soon as they were done with the surgery, Joey was up and eating. He is now sleeping, and we are having to keep our other dog away from him. Poor Kody cried all through Joey's surgery, and then of course wanted to lick the wound for him. We'll probably have to keep them apart for some time as Joey heals, and they are not used to being separated, so I imagine we'll be listening to both dogs complain about this quite a bit.

Oh, notice there are no pictures with this post. Feel grateful, as this was all pretty gory!

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Theresa in WV said...

What a blessing to have the skilled people and the supplies ready at hand!