Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Blatant Plea for Help

This week, Pastor Hugo Morales came to us with information about a child in the mountain village of Santa Teresa with a severe medical need. Elder Rivera, in the picture above, is 2 years old. He suffers from hydrocephalus, sometimes called "water on the brain." Little Elder is in need of surgery, to insert a valve for drainage. The surgery can be done here in Honduras, and will cost $500. Of course, this is a tiny amount in comparison to what such a surgery would cost in the US, but it is far beyond the means of this family.

The prognosis for a normal life, in cases where this condition is treated in a timely manner, is very good. We are hoping that perhaps someone familiar with our ministry here would be moved to help with the cost of this surgery. Please pray with me, that Elder will receive the medical care he needs, as soon as possible.

If you would be interested in helping with the cost of getting Elder this surgery, contact me at trish (at) sowers4pastors (dot) com.

UPDATE: We've already received a few responses to this request, and we are very grateful and hopeful that we will be able to make a significant donation toward this family's needs. My husband just told me, that on top of everything else, this family lost their home a few months ago (in an earthquake), and are living with relatives while they try to rebuild.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Many people are linking to this post, and aren't necessarily seeing the more recent post, with information about how to make a donation to help with the cost of Elder's surgery. So, if you want to see that info, click here. Thanks so much!


Anonymous said...

que pobrecita ~!
i want to know where is Santa Teresa? Is it near Gracias?

Honduras Sprout said...

I'm so glad to hear that he will likely get some help. There is a doctor here in SPS that goes to our church and he often asks for prayer for these shunts that is needed for the surgeries like the one Elder needs. I think this condition may be more common in places such a Honduras because of lack of adequate prenatal nutrition.

It's been a while Trish! I am not as up on blog reading these days...

Trish said...

Anonymous - Santa Teresa is about an hour's drive south of Gracias.

Hey Sprout! Good to "see" you!