Friday, April 24, 2009

Construction Photos!

Earlier this week we finally took some photos of the team house with its roof beams. Since these pictures were taken, some of the tongue and groove planking has been added on top of these beams. This wood will serve as the interior ceiling of the rooms. On top of the wood will come a layer of sheets of metal roofing, and then, a layer of clay tiles. The metal will actually be the waterproofing, and the clay tiles will be mostly for looks.

The ceilings will be high in this building, to help keep them cool in the hot weather. Keeping warm in cool weather will probably involve blankets.


ray and becky said...

I'm sure you guys know what you're doing, but I would like to share this with you. One of the homes at our orphanage in Honduras had just received a new metal roof. It was a finished roof--no clay tiles on top. A little later, we had this freak windstorm come through like a tornado and tore off a lot of the roof along with splinters of the wood rafters it had been attached to! It was crazy! I don't know if they had not attached it well throughout or what, but that wind got up underneath and shook it like you would shake a sheet in the wind. As always, keep an eye on that construction crew!

Beth said...

Hello Trish!
All these pictures of the team house make me want to bring a team to stay there! : 0 I can't believe we aren't coming to Honduras this summer! This will be the first time in three years(!) that we haven't been with you all and the beautiful Honduran people.
I am missing you all so much! Please say hi to everyone especially Bethany and David!
Love Beth and all the Webbs